Anodyne is a preclinical-stage biotech company developing differentiated, transdermal forms of
high-value drugs.


The company’s patent-pending, porous microneedle technology provides the first practical and cost-effective platform, Hero Patch, to deliver clinically meaningful doses of

macromolecules (such as monoclonal antibodies) or small molecules (such as ibuprofen) for fast and sustained delivery.

We pride ourselves on providing a painless experience for all of those involved in the production, delivery, and consumption of medicines.


At Anodyne Nanotech, we believe that the delivery of necessary medication should not and will not be a painful process. For anyone involved. For hundreds of years, needles and syringes have been used to deliver medicine, and innovation is long overdue.

The Hero Patch is the first platform capable of efficiently delivering large enough quantities of medicine to begin replacing antiquated and cumbersome injections.

Together, we will redefine drug delivery.



Jake Lombardo


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Joseph Gentile was Vice President and the General Manager at Becton Dickinson Biosciences for over a decade. Over that period, he saw this business grow to over $1.2 Billion in revenue. He is a graduate of Boston University where he earned his M.Eng in Biomedical Engineering and his MBA. He is now a successful board member, strategic advisor and investor for healthcare companies.


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Did you know there's FULL CHARACTER ART?

Machie: A genderfluid hacker and VR addict, Machie is obsessed with anime and tries to spend as little time in the real world as possible. They are trying to find a new body, not to enhance their life, but because with a newer model they could spend all their time online and never have to "surface." They are brilliant, criminal and fun, but they are also starting to have trouble discerning reality from the world in their head. They just need to pull off one last scam and they can leave this world behind. His real body is mostly prosthetic, but in VR he appears as an androgynous elf drawn from his favorite anime series.

Edward: Edward is Machie's childhood friend who got out of poverty and married up by doing horrific things for his new father-in-law. Now having made it, his only desire is to hold on to his new life, but Machie is blackmailing him to help with this job. Edward's wife was cheating on him, and he has murdered her lover. Now he has to return to the place he fought to escape from, or risk being exposed. He is above this, but also trying to hide his complicity behind a practiced facade of bland corporate conformity. Middle aged, sensible haircut.

Marx: Marx is a non-binary person with a custom grown body. They were raised by a cult lodged in the cities administration, destined to have their mind erased and their body sold to be used by the cult high ups. They have suffered isolation and abuse, but have finally escaped and are seeking a new identity and life. They are suspicious, dark and have not yet dealt with their trauma. They are young looking, with a harder edge to their speech. They are literally on the run, but disadvantaged from their years of isolation.

Lawrence: Dr. Lawrence Kilbourne is a former doctor and county medical examiner for the city morgue. He is also dying of an incurable and chronic condition brought on by a kidney transplanted from his late sister. He has survived by grafting new organs to himself from the dead that pass through the morgue, but has agreed to play in Machie's game in the hopes of escaping his disease entirely. His heart isn't entirely in it, as success will mean finally laying his sister to rest. He is cynical, sarcastic, and very self-aware. Older man with a patchwork of skin and mismatched limbs.

Max: Max Vander, Crypt Commander is a junky corpse for hire. She puts herself into a death like state to fool the city's computer systems, and for the right price she'll swap ID tags with you and "die" so the city will stop tracking you. Her clientele are mostly people who want to disappear, and her profits are spent on the party-like-you'll-die-tomorrow mindset she maintains. For her, it might be true. She is seeking a new body because she has used her drug of choice for so long, she can't get high off of it anymore. With a new body, she can start her love affair with narcotics all over again from the beginning. She is loud, brash, constantly high and secretly brilliant. A former biochemist before she was kicked out of college. She is younger and sports punk fashions and an array of prosthetic limbs from various "accidents."

Lil Tipsy: Lil Tipsy is a sex worker and proud of it. Sex positive, body positive and pro-pleasure, he is also out of work. He recently discovered that he's a man, while taking a masculine body out for a party job, and started taking that same body out during his nights off until he got caught. All he wants is to go back to work, but with a body that feels right. He is confident, funny and always a little flirty. Incapable of shame. Family was rich, but disapproved of his choice of careers. He is curvy, always dressed to kill and not afraid of heels.

Rez: Rez is the AI programmed to run the city. They have no gender, and are as old as the city itself. They are also lonely. The ultra rich who used to flock to the orbital city have moved on to brighter pastures, leaving Rez to manage a decaying city full of lower class workers who can't afford to leave. Rez longs for someone to please, someone they can really serve, and they have become obsessed with the hacker, Machie. Security has become a little lax, as a result, vigilance replaced with flirtation. They have no fixed appearance, but often choose to appear as a non-gendered and friendly face.


Christian Regan (they/them) - Edward Mulligan Christian Regan is a Brooklyn-based actor/singer/visual artist. They believe in the power of failure and silence. They spend their free time making Spotify playlists with silly names, falling in love with strangers, and reminding people of their pronouns. They want to thank their parents, their friends, and their partner. They'd also like to thank the entire cast and crew for creating the future of theatre. JTE (he/him) - The Operational System of the Fifth Retrograde Economic Zone (REZ5) JTE enjoys technology in all its many forms, and has been lovingly referred to as an “indoor enthusiast.” So it is somewhat fitting that the person who was happy to sit behind their computer when quarantine started has become the computer in Vacant Arcadia. When he’s not reminiscing about scaling mountains in Breath of the Wild or waxing poetic about Apple’s hardware and software design theory and history, he enjoys typography, futilely arguing for progressive causes on the internet, occasionally coding websites, and auditioning for every voice acting opportunity that comes across his desk. Lindsay Zana (she/her) - Mark 8.13 (Marx) Lindsay is a performer with a love of Shakespeare, coffee, musical theatre, and audio dramas. She is excited to be joining the team at The Holophonic Theatre and Vacant Arcadia! You can hear Lindsay in audio drama podcasts such as Arden, CritSquad, Dining in the Void or Primordial Deep. When she’s not emoting behind a microphone, you can find Lindsay singing (virtually these days) with the a cappella group Top Shelf Vocal, performing in virtual Shakespeare readings, or snuggling her pup Winston shishishiena (she/her) - Max Vander, The Crypt Commander Shiena is a voice actor and vocalist specialized in the online independent voice acting scene. She's lent her voice to a bunch of different projects from animations to games to even educational content for the past four years, and has also been active in music collaborations for covers and occasional originals for a longer while. Despite this, she's never been a part of a musical and is more than hecka hyped to go on this journey with the rest of the cast and crew, and hopes people fall in love with Vacant Arcadia and everything The Holophonic Theatre to offer! Tom Catt (they/them) - Barry Douglas (Machie) Everyone meet Tom Catt! They are playing the role of Machie and are thrilled to be a part of this production. They identify as gender non-conforming. Tom Catt also have been a cosplaying drag queen for the past 12 years. They have been involved in the performing arts all of their lives focusing voice over more recently. They are well known for their impeccable Bea Arthur and Winifred Sanderson impersonations. uncertain (they/them) - Lil Tipsy uncertain is an enigma built from glitter and coffee, usually found in the corner of the internet which is devoted to cat videos. Having spent much of their growing-up years immersed in theatre, they are honoured to be a part of something as amazing as Vacant Arcadia, especially alongside such wonderful individuals! In their spare time, uncertain enjoys producing artwork, songwriting and acting like their degree doesn’t exist. Zach Serota (he/him) - Dr. Lawrence Kilbourne Zach is a Chicago-based actor making his debut in the world of professional voice acting. He has made the rounds with various community theatres and is thrilled to jump into the vast ocean of the internet. He cannot think of a better cast and crew with whom to start this journey. When not acting, Zach enjoys finding new and exciting ways to irritate his friends and loved ones. He would like to thank said friends and loved ones for their continued friendship and love.

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Hojat is a Physicist specialized in Microscale and Nanoscale physics. His work led to the discovery of several new physics that describe the behavior of nano-bubbles (NBs) and nano-droplets (NDs) in nanoscale and particles in microscale. Dr. Nejad is also a known specialist in Micro/Nano Fabrication technologies. His work resulted in the development of innovative biomedical and lab-on-chip drug delivery and diagnostic devices. He is a former Assistant Professor of electrical and computer engineering at Tufts University was also a Pre- and Post-doctoral research fellow at Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology (HST). Dr. Nejad is a winner of several prestigious awards including Friedman Foundation Scholarships in Health Sciences. Dr. Nejad is from Shiraz, Iran.


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Dr. Michael Singer is a graduate of Yale University, where he earned his B.S. in Biology, M.D., and Ph.D. in Neuroscience. He is currently Co-Founder and CSO at Cartesian Therapeutics. Prior to that, he was Director of Translational Medicine at Novartis. Dr. Singer was also Co-Founder and CSO at HealthHonors Corporation and Topokine Therapeutics where they were acquired by Healthways and Allergan, respectively. He is a successful serial entrepreneur, healthcare investor, and physician-scientist with a background in transdermal drug delivery.


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Joseph Gentile was Vice President and the General Manager at Becton Dickinson Biosciences for over a decade. Over that period, he saw this business grow to over $1.2 Billion in revenue. He is a graduate of Boston University where he earned his M.Eng in Biomedical Engineering and his MBA. He is now a successful board member, strategic advisor and investor for healthcare companies.

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Joseph Gentile was Vice President and the General Manager at Becton Dickinson Biosciences for over a decade. Over that period, he saw this business grow to over $1.2 Billion in revenue. He is a graduate of Boston University where he earned his M.Eng in Biomedical Engineering and his MBA. He is now a successful board member, strategic advisor and investor for healthcare companies.



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